Key Facts for Parents

Parents Are the Best Teachers, Cheerleaders, and Lifelines of Students

At SaiBalaji Public School, we believe in establishing strong relationships with all our parents and families for the right growth of our students. Our teachers are constantly in touch with parents to help and guide them through any difficulties the child or the parent might be facing during the school years and beyond. We bring you some effective tips to support your child in his/her school journey and ensure the best results. If you have any doubts or queries related to your child’s present or future at the school, our counsellors and teachers are always happy to help.

  • 90% of a child’s brain development occurs by the age 5 – so the initial years are extremely important
  • On average, a 4-year old child asks 43% questions in a day – please answer them patiently
  • Watching television can act as a natural painkiller for children
  • Fathers tend to determine the height of the child, mothers their weight
  • Studies show that children do best when they have at least three loving and supportive adult influences in their lives – be the best role model that you can!

Do’s and Don’ts for Parents

  • Have a daily interaction with your child. Ask questions like – how was your day? What did you learn? Did you enjoy learning?

  • Please avoid talking anything negative about the teacher or the school in front of your child. It will affect the child in many ways. In case of any concern or problem, then please come to the school and talk to the faculty.

  • Please help the child to complete his/her homework.

  • Read, sing along with the child and make it special and easy for him to grasp new subjects and topics.

  • In the school, we are trying to make them independent. So please co-operate us and encourage them to take care of their belongings.

  • Please encourage your children to eat healthy food at home as good habits formed during this time can last a lifetime.

  • Kindly limit the TV time to maximum one hour in a day. Spend time with them – talk, sing and play instead of watching TV. And restrict mobile phones for kids.

  • Spend time together – ensure you eat dinner as a family, play fun games, sing together, and celebrate together.

  • Each child has his own personality, ability and talent so kindly do not compare your child with anyone else.

  • Sense of Security – Always listen to your child. Let them get into the habit of telling you everything that happened without asking. Try to have open conversations where they share about their happiness, fear, and other emotions with you. Listen and trust your children and never neglect them.

  • Please attend the parent-teacher meeting. [every 3 months].

  • Transportation facility – Be on the time for pick and drop. Better to be present 3 to 5 minutes prior the scheduled time.

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